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Poetry gives us a way to express those situations and moments other mediums would overlook and forget. I never want to forget.The following pieces are dedicated to chris gaines, as so much is. I write because it gives me the connection that I crave. the connection i can never have in reality, because we are so far apart. But for here, for now, you are mine, and I am yours. You understand, like no one else. I've come to believe, through experience and through study, that there are those who shape reality. Through words, through actions, they control what happens to them and to those around them.
The learned of three is one such person. through music, through presence, he is fate in flesh. chance holds him not. Destiny the same. I have on occasion, been close to meeting the learned. There are many of us who study him. I am just one among the herd, but I hope to be noticed. I hope this will help in some way. Open new doors to the learning, open new chances to those blinded.

lips cold, soft
break on my heart
my mind, lingering.
you listen, or maybe
i just wish you did.
words you say to others
i take them for me.
i understand me, you.
the numbers, the letters
stacked by the window
never sent, sealed.
yours, but never.
mine, but never.
i understand me, you.

each night,
each time i wake.
there hangs a picture
on my bare wall.
your delicate face
attached to my body.
i smile, cherish it.
it hasnt been enough
it never will be.
id take it like you
a new face,
a new life.
masks, i know. masks
hiding me. hurting.
the onset is the worst.
each night,
each time i wake.
yours delicate face
all alone for now.

forget the long term
ill take just one night.
alone, shivering.
you by my side.
you and i slide.
the story of three
a circle of cause
and the effect follows.
if i could just say it
scream it out.
get with me, get out.